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Avoid the sweet drinks to prevent diabetes

Sweet drinks also contain high glycemic loads, so drinking many sweet drinks is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. In the Nurses' Health Study II study, women who drank one or more sugary drinks a day had a risk of type 2 diabetes 83% higher than women who consumed sugary drinks less than once a month. Aside from that, you can go to to check out a good supplement for the diabetic patients.

Another reason why sugary drinks can increase the risk of diabetes is that it is associated with weight gain. Research conducted Nurses' Health Study II and The Black Women's Health Study showed that women who consume a lot of sweet drinks have more weight gain than women who limit the sweet drinks.

However, there is other evidence to explain that sugary drinks can cause chronic inflammation, high triglycerides, lower good cholesterol (HDL), and increase insulin resistance, where all of these are risk factors for diabetes.

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