Carrageenan in different Pet Foods

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Carrageenan in different Pet Foods

Millions of cats and dogs love eating wet pet food daily that consists of carrageenan as an active ingredient without any harm or evidence of harm. Any claims stated otherwise are not supported by any kind of evidence and runs opposite to the overwhelming evidence that supports in animal feed and food.

The carrageenan sold by some companies is utilized in cat and dog foods as an emulsifier, stabilizer, giving a stable texture and amazing feeding experience to cat and dog foods. These companies offer high quality pet foods that contain the additive that we all enjoy in our yoghurt, ice creams, and other pet foods offered by pet food industry.

Overwhelming proof from various feeding studies has elaborated that this food additive (carrageenan) is completely safe for animal feed or pet food. The regulatory authorities in almost every part of the world have allowed its use in pet foods.

The Joint expert committee of WHO/FAO on JECFA (food additives) has allocated this additive under best the category of best toxiocolgy, which indicates a high level of security and safety.  Also JECFA confirmed recently that it is quite safe to be used in infant formula. International Agency for Research on Cancer has discovered that carrageenan is completely non-carcinogenic.

It is very important for people to understand the fact that only dietary feeding research and studies is the standard for evaluating the safety of a particular food additive. The regulatory authorities also consider the dietary feeding studies to be the ideal medium. The dietary feeding studies have supported the carrageenan safety for use completely. They have given support to food grade form of this additive.

The studies show that carrageenan molecules stick to the protein tightly. They do not result in inflammation to your digestive tract. It is excreted than getting absorbed or digested.