Grass-type Pokémon are the best Starters- Why?

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Grass-type Pokémon are the best Starters- Why?

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One game that made everyone go round with the cute character, challenges in the game, enjoy the features is none other than Pokémon Go. Many players got addicted to the game so much so that they wanted to be the best Pokémon master in the game. To accomplish their goal, they tried to learn how to hack Pokemon go through various cheats. However, some of them succeeded whereas others were banned from the game.

Well, keeping all other unethical methods aside, what you may remember your first Pokémon Go game, when you were asked to make a tough decision that was to choose the first Pokémon. The choice wasn’t easy as you had three options only and each of them had their own set of pros and cons.

After you realized that you have to choose your Pokémon that you wouldn’t regret later, you chose the grass-type Pokémon. Many players get attracted to solid element forces of water and fire, but it is always good to have a grass-type Pokémon as it’s the right weapon to get success in the game.

If you have reached a higher level, your grass-type Pokémon is now well trained to attack, which can challenge rock-type Pokémon, thus bringing in victory for you effortlessly. You are happy that you selected a grass-type Pokémon rather than choosing a fire-type, who might land up struggling and end up delivering the result.

Your grass-type Pokémon would help you beat rock type Pokémon and destroy Pokémon of second gym leader. Even water-type Pokémon prove to be quite weak in front of grass-type Pokémon. So there is not match to your grass-type Pokémon. You will realize that you made the right choice by selecting grass-type Pokémon as your first Pokémon in the game.