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Every country and university have different requests. So it is with the UK and college. In order to successfully penetrate the desired university and not miserable in England, you need to pay attention to several things before applying. Anything? If you decide to stay in the UK, eating is important to follow B1 cefr to get permission to become a resident.


Cost is certainly an important factor. The impression of education in the UK is expensive. But in fact, it depends on the choice of majors, the city where study, and the length of study.


For this matter, every university and department have different requests. Differences are not artificial but related to the process of study.

Student Visa This is a necessary condition for entering the UK and becoming a student. However, it is good to do the management after the positive received at a university. Mental Last but important is the mental factor. It's a matter of willingness to adapt to local conditions and culture.