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You who want to get the ideal body shape by doing a workout, of course, the goal can be achieved well. Do not worry, because now you can visit to get a good supplement and match what you need to shape your body and balance with daily workout exercises.

Supplements are indeed the most appropriate tool to workout that you do can produce good results. However, there are some supplements that you can not consume simultaneously.

- Copper supplements and zinc supplements
When both are mixed, then zinc will disrupt the presence of copper in the body. Taking zinc supplements with high doses and long-term dm can cause copper deficiency.

- Vitamin K with fat-soluble vitamins
Taking vitamin K with other vitamins will disrupt the process of vitamin K absorption, you should give a break when you want to consume both, at least for 2 hours.

- Iron xat supplements and green tea supplements
If you consume both together, then the iron cannot be absorbed properly by the body.