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Do you have the best muscle building methods on a list? Have you tried some of them out? If you simply answer yes but nothing shows the significant results, then you should check whether or not you make the mistakes during training and building the muscle. For those of you who want to build muscle and do fitness, you must know that it is useful for you and you can get the results you want. Do not get it, the money you spend so much is wasted because your muscles do not even form or make your body hurt all. Here is a list of fitness mistakes that create harm to your muscle, which means you should be careful in working out and know what to do and don't

Practice in the same place continuously

If you choose weight-bearing exercise, doing it constantly will only negatively impact the joints and soft tissue structure of your muscles. You can be injured and reduce the ability to build muscle. Make a break. The weight is light and vice versa. Exercising too much weight is not recommended at all.

Not hard enough in practice

When you start doing fitness, your body will have to adjust to shape itself as you want. But, if you're not hard at practice, you just do not make your body adjust. In fact, you will wonder why your body shape is still the same.

Too hard to practice

Conversely, practicing too hard also causes a negative impact that will create a bad response to your muscles. The body is very adaptive, but you also have to know which capacity you can do or leave. If it exceeds the limit from which your body can accommodate, then your training will be counterproductive resulting in decreased muscle mass. You can also experience mood changes, fatigue, chronic muscular pain and also injury.