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Teeth have a very big role in the process of digestion of food. Teeth function to bite, tear, cut, grind, and chew, so the food that enters the baby's body will be more easily digested. In addition to functioning to refine food, milk teeth also help your child so he can smile, laugh, and talk. Milk teeth also play a role to prepare a place for permanent teeth to grow. Take care of your child's teeth and check routinely to dentist Markham.

How to clean baby teeth cannot be equated with adults. Newly developed baby's milk teeth need to be gently cleaned using a special tool. Here are the tips:

- Just like adult teeth, baby gums also need to be cleaned twice a day, ie before he sleeps and after eating.

- You should help the child brush his teeth until he can brush his own teeth, which is around the age of six years.

- Try to accompany the child while brushing his teeth and remind him to always brush his teeth twice a day.

- Take your child to the dentist to check her teeth regularly.