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Many people who often ignore the problems that occur around the oral cavity, especially toothache. In fact, if allowed problems around the teeth and mouth can turn into dangerous and trigger a variety of deadly diseases. In fact, toothache can be a "gate" entry of various bacteria and viruses that cause disease. A study even mentions that problems in the oral cavity can trigger heart disease and stroke.

This happens because the bacteria that cause a toothache can stick to the walls of the arteries, and at one time may result in the occurrence of blood clots. The occurrence of this clumping will block the flow of blood to the heart and the whole body. This means that blockage of blood flow to the brain will occur, and eventually become a trigger of stroke.

In addition, the tooth nerve was connected even to the blood circulation. When the bacteria are nesting around the nerves of teeth come into the blood circulation, it could be the trigger of the occurrence of health problems. Therefore, if you have dental problems, you can visit Mark W Johnson DDS - dentistry Albuquerque.