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Seaweed is very useful to help prevent anemia. That's because of the mineral content that helps stabilize blood cells and increase the number of red blood cells in your body. So that way you will avoid anemia, by consuming 200 grams of seaweed per day. In the meantime, check out to know more about a good seaweed supplement.

In addition, some types of seaweed are rich in iron. Iron is what is needed by the body to produce energy. But not only that the benefits of iron. The iron you consume can also make the circulatory system healthier by increasing the system of blood flow in the body. Besides rich in iron, seaweed also contains other nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin B-12.

Moreover, not only vegetable fruits that have the property to keep digestion stay healthy. Even seaweed has the same benefits. This is because seaweed contains a natural fiber of alginate that can reduce the absorption of fat and digestion. The fiber contained in the seaweed will also keep you full longer. And of course seaweed is best for a diet that you can try.