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The theme of the exhibition becomes the number one point that SME owners should pay attention to. This becomes very important so do not get your effort to follow the exhibition just ended up in vain. Make sure that the theme of the exhibition matches your type of SME. Like for example if we do promotion SMEs snack production, of course, we have to choose exhibition with a culinary theme or local product. Do not let us enter in the fashion or other SME fairs that are not in line. In the meantime, it's also a good idea for you to use a fine promotional marquee to gain more attention in the exhibition event.

In addition, the offer to follow the exhibition is now more and more held. With the offer of various facilities and competitive prices, it is expected that the exhibition organizers can embrace many business units to join.

But not a few exhibitions that ended disappointingly because of the event management event organizer bad exhibition. Lack of communication and other technical matters are the responsibility of the organizer which should not be ignored. Therefore we should be more selective in selecting exhibits with experienced EO to support SME promotion.

More and more events have ever been handled by an EO of course more experienced EO is also. The impact of participant SMEs need not be concerned with the smoothness of the way the exhibition. Another tip is to search for information from the trusted EO we've ever followed. Ask about the exhibition that we can follow.