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many businesses you can do in the present, one of which is a cafe business that is being done. To make this business you'll want to use the right menu template word  in order to attract the attention of visitors and they end up ordering the food you sell.

There are a few tips you can do if you're going to do a snack on the menu.

- Snacks should be of good quality
In order for buyers to be happy and hooked so to keep buying, snacks or snacks should not only be delicious. Snacks should also be of good quality. Food raw materials should be hygienic and how to make them must be healthy. In addition, the packaging must also be clean, safe, and attractive

- Selling strategy must be in accordance with the targeted market segment
When you find a market segment coveted, do not forget to adjust marketing strategy. You also have to be diligent and careful reading the market, in order to increase sales and profitable business. For example, create a special offer, like a discount, hold a "buy one free one" promotion, to share free samples before launching a new product variant.