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Promotion is a tool that can attract customers' attention. For that, many people who do various promotional techniques in order to attract the attention of their target market. some of them use as a means of promotion so that the ads they make can reach the target market they have set.

However, there are some mistakes that many people still do in promotions, such as

- Timing (Timing)
The first marketing mistake is in timing. Having potential buyer data, the product with a slick design is not enough, if not accompanied by the right timing. The right timing will give a significant result.

- Only rely on one medium to advertise
Consumers receive countless marketing messages every day from various media, television, newspapers, magazines, banner, and the internet. A study indicates that consumers need to see your ad an average of 12 times before they actually pay attention to it. Placing ads in only one medium or sending emails does not provide effective results.