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The women will certainly experience menopause phase. this becomes a necessary phase in every woman's life. however, if you have experienced this period, then you still have to undergo an examination or maintain the balance of hormones. You can do it all in Chattanooga OBGYN. With proper examination, then you will stay healthy in those days.


In those days, do not ever think that you will still be healthy, because there are still some diseases you can suffer, such as

1. Osteoporosis
Women have a greater chance of getting this disease than men. This happens because of female hormone changes that occur during the menopause process. the bone that is often affected by this disease are the bones of the pelvis and spine.

2. Heart Disease and Blood Vessels
Women who have experienced menopause have a higher risk of developing heart disease than men. Decreased estrogen hormone affects the heart rate in women. heartbeats become irregular and can cause dangerous complications.