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Using braces can cause some things to the teeth. using braces does require more care because of various things to watch out for. Installation of braces winnipeg should also be done by qualified specialists and experts in the field. By using braces, you also need to know the various things you should do for the treatment of braces.

There are several treatments that must be done by the user braces so that the teeth do not change color becomes dull.

- Careful in Choosing Food
Eating the wrong foods can damage your braces. During the first few days, it is recommended to consume soft and delicate foods. Cut into small pieces of your food to make it easier to chew. Some foods are not recommended for consumption when you use braces because they can damage the braces is hard, chewy, sticky, and need to be bitten.

- Clean the Dental Soul After Eating
It is important for you to maintain your dental hygiene and hygiene. Always brush your teeth after each meal to avoid any food tucked in braces. The right time to brush your teeth is 1 hour after eating.

- Control Routinely
Always routine control to the dentist to see the progress and fix the loose braces. You are encouraged to control every 3-10 weeks depending on the type of braces you are using and your dentist recommends.

- Protect Teeth while Doing Sports
If you are an athlete or have a sports hobby, you can still do it. Use a mouth protector every exercise to protect your teeth and braces, especially if you are doing high-risk contact sports. If you use removable braces, always remove your braces while playing and keep your mouth protective.

Some of these ways you can use to protect the teeth that have been installed braces so as not to easily change the color into a dull color.