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Not only the name of the picture to note, the size of the image you upload should also be considered because the article if the image size is too small it will be hard indexed Google and if the image is too large, it will only incriminate the blog (inefficient). Aside from that, you may want to check out to know the good SEO services in New York.

So, upload the image as needed, for example, you will only use the image as a thumbnail that usually has size 72px, then just upload the image with size 72x72 px not bigger or smaller.

In order for images to be in the first order of Google Image, then consider the dimensions of the image, adjust the image that often appears in the first position.

I myself often observe the pictures with dimensions/size of how many are in the first position. From that observation, I can conclude that 16: 9 dimensioned images are potentially larger to be able to rank first than images with other dimensions such as boxes (1: 1) or rectangles (2: 1).