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The color of the white teeth clearly becomes the color of teeth that is desirable to everyone. This will make their appearance look attractive and beautiful. However, this may be something you can not get because your teeth are blackened. This you can not leave. So you should be able to get the right treatment in the dentist bronx ny.

Dark teeth are usually caused by several things. Usually, this happens because of the habits that you usually do. Some of the causes of black teeth are

- Caries
This happens if there is a germ or bacteria in the mouth that produce acid that will damage the teeth. Caries can cause a hole in the tooth and if not treated immediately, it can cause pain, infection and toothless. Caries can be removed by filling, crown, root canal, bridge, and implant.

- Pulp necrosis
This is the condition in which the dental pulp becomes dead. It can be treated with endodontic treatment by means of bleaching and permanent restorations with the tooth extraction.