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As someone who has a lot of activities and work that could bring many problems, then you should be able to manage yourself to face all the problems with a mature attitude. By being mature, then you have been able to make yourself calmer in the face of all the problems that befall. Many people can not make themselves calm and end up using the Ayahuasca Retreat way to calm themselves and their minds.

To deal with the problem that is being overwritten, there are some things you can do in order to deal with it in an adult way, such as

- Dare to take a decision
You must be able to take control of yourself and your life. Dare you to make a decision for all your problems in your life. however, you are the one who leads the life and you must set yourself.

- Do not hide from problems
Remember that trouble is a part of life that can mature yourself. So, face it and never hide from it.