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In addition to text and image type website content, currently, the video type content has also become a trend. We can see a lot of websites and blogs that have put this type of video content on their web pages. And one of the easiest ways to display videos on a website is to take the source video files that are on the Youtube site. The point is, you can display videos taken from Youtube. For some other WordPress tricks, you can visit and learn more about WordPress, especially for a beginner.

For those of you WordPress users, both WordPress Instant and WordPress Install versions, can now easily install this Youtube video on your website and blog.

This is the simplest way and you do not need any programming skills to do this. And in this way, you can display the video without uploading the video to your hosting. Given the size of video files can be very large, then this way is very practical and efficient because you can also save space hosting is limited. If you have a video that you also want to share, then please upload your video first to Youtube. How to upload it is relatively easy, you can login using your GMAIL / GOOGLE account, and follow the steps by filling out the form of upload videos that have been provided by Youtube.

Furthermore, once you find the video you want to display on your website/blog, the next step is COPY link Youtube video URL you want to install. Then paste the link to the page you want. And for suggestions, you can use TEXT mode when pasting the URL link to facilitate this process. When finished, you can return to VISUAL mode again.

That is the way you need to do to put videos from Youtube to your WordPress Website.