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Use these tips to save money for Hajj

There is much to be gained by investing. Investment products offered are also many, exist in the form of property, stocks, bonds, deposits, mutual funds, and gold. The first thing to consider before investing is to pay attention to investment objectives. Whether it's a short-term goal or a long-term goal. Meanwhile, you may go to to get the recommended services for hajj and umrah.

If planning a hajj within the next 5 or 8 years, choose a long-term investment instrument, such as mutual funds, gold, and property. If planning next 1-3 years, you should choose investment instruments such as deposits. The level of profit earned from investing depends on the risks faced. If you want a big profit, you should choose a stock investment. But you need to be careful because stock investing very fast makes someone rich and poor. In essence, master the basic science for every investment instrument.

Pay off All Debt

If you are a wasteful and owed person, you should start eroding the habit from now on. You who want to quickly hajj can pay off all the debt from now. Learn to allocate income according to the portion. Pay off the debt before the due date and never delay payments, especially credit card debt.

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